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YD is a programmatic display advertising company for direct advertisers. YD is founded early 2008 in Amsterdam, YD's founding team members are techsavy pro's with backgrounds in performance based online advertising, e-commerce and cloudbased erp solutions. 

YD's Performance Display Platform and global reach delivering sales and audience insights puts YD in a league of its own. Impulse allows advertisers to show ads only to interested consumers whilst determining pricing, placement and content in real-time. Impulse reporting delivers real time insights into audience reach, acquisition price, revenue and conversion attribution.

YD employs over 60 experts in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France optimising campaigns on a global scale. Leading brands such as Citibank, KLM-Air France, LAN Airlines, TUI, Liberty Global and T- Mobile have entrusted YD with the optimization of their online marketing spend.


The YD team consists of strategic, creative and technical specialists. The young international YD team is continuously growing. The success of YD is determined by the ambition our specialists have. To maintain our high standards, we have high demands on the education, experience, creativity and social skills of new team members. Enjoyment at work, commitment to clients, team spirit and a strong interest in online media are very important to us.


Our Solution

Impulse allows advertisers to show ads only to interested consumers. Price, placement and content are determined in Real Time to optimize display performance. Impulse offers global reach using performance algorithms and personalized creatives to deliver sales and audiences directly for advertisers on any scale. Impulse reporting gives customised real time insights like CPA, Advertiser revenue, ROAS, audience reach, visibility and conversion attribution. 


YD is vertically organized into multiple industries. Our company is divided into industries to be able to set more specific targets. We can base our targets on the margin of a product category in order to achieve the lowest cost-of-sale and highest ROI. This vertically structured approach enables us to be truly client focused and specialized. The client will notice this in our broad industry specific knowledge on publishers, networks and performance factors.


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